Friday, July 28, 2006

July is close to finished and I thought I'd share my finest summer swaree I've ever experienced. It was a dusky August morning, I awoke around 9:30. A handsome wakeup time indeed. Charice, my lover at the time, prepared a breakfast dish filled with exotic fruits and meats that delighted the senses for hours. I bit into a mighty kiwi fruit and made a realization, I haven't left my domicile all summer. Sure we went outside for strolls and I took her for dinner and dancing but nay a trip outside of our village we took. So I called up Frankford, he's been our family travel agent for almost seven centuries, and booked 2 train tickets to Guadalahara.

We arrived 28 minutes early to the train station and decided to get a quick brunch. After the waffles and fried shrimps we decided to take a chance on the avocado dip. Normally, Charice and I love dips of all kinds and flavors, however Reynaldos, the quaint cafe' forget to mention their avocado dip was spiked with a lethal dose of cocaine and angel dust.

Being an ex-junkie I hardly noticed the effects, but Charice was another story. She ran out of the station and took me on a four-day adventure I'll never forget. By the end we were secluded in northern Idaho, and we rode water slides until the sun came up. I'll never forget those four-days and I hope I passed on a little sunshine in your life.